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that accompanies him here, the dirty war, terrible civil conflict between a conservative government and leftist rebellion in the 1970s. many thousands of people disappeared, killed. the role of many people in the catholic church questioned, challenged on both sides. and cokie, i just want to go to you on this. this is something that has been brought up by critics of then cardinal bergoglio, now pope francis, that he did not do enough. some even say that he might have been complicit. >> he was actually superior, the provincial of the judgments at the time of the dirty war. and there was one particular accusation about two jesuits who were working with the poor. they were what we called at the time liberation theologians, and then father bergoglio had his disagreement was that theology. but, and the accusation is that he with drew his protection from them and they were then tortured and almost killed by the regime. in the days since he has been named pope, we have seen a lot of reporting on this. and what appears to be the case was that he was not a collaborator in any way with the military regim
story. >> another big headline this morning, protesters fed up with their government's plans to take money out of their bank accounts cover the country's budget mess. the protesters won this time. but the financial crisis in cyprus far from over. >>> then to an eye-opener -- a medical headline. genetic medicines, generic medicines including eye drops and pills can save you money. but what you don't know about generics that can harm you. get your facts before the trip to the pharmacy. >>> saving time and preventing hassle during your commute. gadgets for the car designed to keep you connected, comfortable and safe, our giz whiz is going to show up and tell us about this coming up in a little bit. >> really interesting stuff he has got in store for us. >>> but first, the seven marines were remembered last night in nevada not far from where they were killed. >> military investigators now trying to figure out why a mortar accidentally exploded while still in the launching tube. abc's martha raddatz reports on the risks. >> reporter: it happened in darkness, deep in the
below the poverty line. >>> to medical news. a government survey of parents shows one in 50 school children in the u.s. has autism. that is significantly higher than a previous estimate. and there is also a significant new clue about autism. abc's dr. richard besser explains more. >> reporter: now another clue into a possible cause of autism, grandfathers age. researchers in sweden have found that the older a grandfather was when he had children, the more likely those children would be to have children with autism. for fathers the risk went up 1.8 times. for mothers the risk went up 1.7 times. it is already known that one piece of the puzzle of autism is the age of the father, starting at age 30. take ray civo. >> let's figure out if there is a genetic factor. >> reporter: his sons oscar and hugo both have autism with different struggles from reading to social interactions. moms pass on few dna mutations. but dads pass on an average of 25 new mutations at age 20. increasing to 65 mutations at age 40 and so on. the more dna mutations, the greater the risk of autism. what does this h
weapons to the syrian government. iran says flights are bringing humanitarian supplies to syria. >>> new developments in the murder of colorado's top corrections officer. abc news learned prisons in the state have been on lockdown because of fears there could be more attacks. and it all appears to be linked to a white supremacist group. >> reporter: the motive for the murder of tom clements may have been revenge for breaking up a prison gang. clements concerned about the rise of a white supremacist group, 211 crew, sent its leaders to another prison trying to diminish their power base. evan ebel just paroled in january was a member of 211 crew. law enforcement yet to confirm the connection. the fear, the potential for more attacks from other gang members. the governor's mansion and state capitol have expanded security following the murder. prison gangs are prolific across america. the american correctional association reports, almost 14% of the prison population are involved in gangs. an estimated 200,000 inmates. investigators believe ebel may have been linked to other murders. >> there
's incoming government as he prepares to embark on his first official visit to israel. his visit happens in two days. israel's new housing minister says prime minister benjamin netanyahu's cabinet plans to keep expanding jewish settlements. president obama had long urged israel to halt building on the disputed land. >>> a new abc news/"washington post" poll shows many more americans continue to side with israel rather than the palestinian authority. but most also prefer to leave peace negotiations between the two sides rather than involve the united states. 55% sympathize more with israel. just 9% sympathize with the palestinian authority. while 18% have no opinion. >>> big trip for president obama. there is a perception by some that -- that the president has devoted more of his energies and his, his vision to arab issues rather than israeli issues. a perception by some, fair or not. so there is a sense that he is going over there to sort of maybe give the impression that he is mending fences. >> and by, by doing what he has done as far as arab issues goes it puts him on the opposite sid
in bankrupt cyprus where lawmakers consider a new government bailout plan today. it's friday, march 22nd. >> announcer: from abc news this is "world news now" with john muller and diana perez. >>> good friday morning. we'll get to the latest developments in cyprus with the financial crisis so deep it threatens markets here in the u.s. and in europe. >>> another major economic headline this morning, could be a big turn around in the real estate market. what is driving up demand and prices after a major long term slump? is it time to sell? we will tell you about it. >> losing weight and not feeling great. one woman's journey to a slimmer self was bittersweet. many dieters can learn from this woman's struggle. >>> later, grab your brackets after last night's key ncaa games. it is time to see which basketball teams are advancing. march madness at its finest. >> we are still doing pretty good. >> we're doing pretty good so far. >> we are alive and well. >> we are going to be using the word "we," we basically almost picked the same thing. we did by accident. >> totally by accident. he was in h
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6